Do You Have Enough Money to Post Bail in Raleigh, NC?

Do You Have Enough Money to Post Bail in Raleigh, NC?

Explore your bail bond money and collateral options

At Joyia’s Bail Bonding, we get a lot of calls asking if we accept collateral instead of cash or checks for bail. The answer is yes! As long as the property you want to use as collateral has been fully paid off, there’s no reason you can’t use it as part of your bail payment. Using collateral indicates a promise to the courts that you will show up and do everything you need to do during the trial.

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3 things to know about using collateral for your bail bond

Are you interested in using collateral to pay bail? Here are three things to know about bail collateral:

  1. You can use anything of value as collateral for your bail. This includes a home, a car or jewelry.
  2. Collateral reduces the amount of your payment. In some cases, if you use collateral, you could pay less than 5% of the posted bail.
  3. If you use a large item like a house or car, the court will place the deed in their trust. If you offer a smaller item, like jewelry, the courts will keep it in their possession until the end of the trial.

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